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Chairman's Message

My father had diabetes, and like many diabetic patients, he eventually developed diabetic retinopathy and suffered extreme vision loss. Experiencing his personal struggle with what it meant to lose sight sparked my interest in bringing novel laser technology to the leading cause of vision loss among adults, and this was a big part of the reason that Lutronic created Lutronic Vision in 2010. Lutronic has been a pioneer first in lasers and energy-based devices for dermatology and aesthetics, then in minimally invasive surgery, and now in ophthalmology.

Lutronic Vision is bringing to market the world’s first laser for Selective Retina Therapy™. Our system, named R:GEN™, is a fully integrated laser platform that safely and precisely targets the Retina Pigmented Epithelium to re-generate and re-store its function. Whereas older retinal photocoagulator lasers destroyed retinal tissue in an effort to preserve vision, R:GEN aims to revitalize retinal tissue by stimulating repair. Through this pioneering mechanism, we aim to introduce a new concept in ophthalmic retinal lasers that will ultimately lead to better vision and an improved lifestyle for patients and practitioners around the world.

Please explore in these pages how we have developed this exciting technology, and we will provide regular updates about our clinical progress and results.

Thank you,
Haelyung Hwang,
Chairman Lutronic Corporation

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